How to Perform an SEO Audit

SEO has changed dramatically in just a few years. Where the old search algorithms is all about link building and impulsive keyword analysis, the latest SEO is mostly concerned about persistent a staunch and innovation of high-quality content that people truly love.

Need of an SEO Audit.

When one learns about SEO efforts and the time it takes, they might frown upon the idea. Still, while this may sound true for those different SEO activities, it is very essential to understand as to what goes on behind those activities. After all, spending time on getting thousands of low-quality links is not just going to be a waste of time and efforts but they could hurt the rankings in the long run. However, getting an SEO audit is certainly not a waste of time. The audit may take a couple of days, but at least you would know exactly where your website stands and are not left in the dark. A reputed digital agency will place the right importance on the audit of a website.

The purpose of an SEO audit.

Basically, before opting for internet marketing, the SEO audit is done, and the main purpose of these audits is to give the website owner or the online business an idea as to where their website stands and how their earlier SEO efforts have gone so far.Without this information and knowledge, it would be difficult to make further decisions and make the right efforts in SEO and the right direction. It makes no sense to perform any SEO activities that you are not very sure of or their returns. This is the reason search engine optimization professionals highly recommend occasional and regular SEO audits.

Before one starts with analyzing the steps of an SEO audit, there is a need to perform certain preparatory steps. SEO experts will first crawl the site and will inform as to which sections of the website are not accessible to search engines. These pages and sections do not rank well as these have not been included in the databases of search engines. Once those basic checks have been made by SEO company, and the site is made crawl able, the actual the SEO audit can begin. The accessibility and index ability analysis is the first step that is performed, and this leads to information on accident blocked crawlers as well as any issues with 404 errors and redirects.

An SEO audit is very effective as it guarantees that your website is getting the full advantage of your strategy to link building and it also assists in determining any probable issues that your website may have in the search engines. The first thing that the SEO auditor should do when provided with a new project is to operate an SEO site audit. Leaning on your targets, you can a have a rapid top level on-page audit or produce an exhaustive list of on-page SEO audit to develop your suggestions on. There are two basic options for SEO audit:

1, A prompt hit site audit where you go through the high-level diagnosis with the site in just a few hours.

  1. A tiresome website audit that can take numerous days.

The actual analysis is formulated into five groups:

  1. Accessibility.
  2. Indexability.
  3. Off-Page Ranking Factor.
  4. On-Page Ranking Factors.
  5. Competitive Analysis.

A SEO company interprets an all-inclusive view at your website during an SEO audit, finding for any potential issues either minor or major, that could be drenching your ranking on search engine. SEO audits concentrate on, but not restricted to:

  1. Potential technical issues.
  2. All site domains/URL structure and sub-domains.
  3. Current search engine indexing.
  4. Internal linking strategy.
  5. Potential code issues.
  6. Site content strategy and quality.
  7. External linking strategy.
  8. Potential crawl issues.
  9. Duplicate content issues and on page SEO factors.
  10. Social media presence as it applies to search engine rankings
  11. Keyword research and analysis.
  12. Current analytics and site architecture.
  13. “Unique factor” on dynamically driven websites.
  14. Blog optimization (if applicable)
  15. Potential link preservation issues, and

More, as per the requirement

SEO Audit Report

You still need a practical SEO audit report after you are having a thorough analysis of your website and the websites of your opponents. The following are three important recommendations for introducing your audit findings in an effectual mode:

  1. Target multiple audiences.

Your report will comprise the technical observations and suggestions. However, it is essential to ascertain that the report will not always be read by techno-friendly people. Therefore, while writing the report, make sure to keep in mind other audiences as well and render facilitative nutshell for executives, managers and anyone else who might not have the idea of SEO.

  1. Prioritize some more.

Who reads your report, regardless of that endeavor to respect your time? Concentrate more on the most compelling issues at the starting of the report so that everyone is aware of the kinds of stuff that are critically essential and which ones can be kept at the back.

  1. Give usable suggestions.

Do not provide generic suggestions such as, “Write good titles.” Ensure that you provide specific examples which can be used to make a positive impact on your website. Even if the suggestions are bigger in scope, try to offer first solid steps.

It is essential to get in touch with a competent and expert professional for SEO Audits and related services. The idea is to get real and actual results that are going to last for a long time.


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Get out of the shadows be visible on the Web!

What is SEO?

The SEO is a communication strategy complex that is to implement a rigorous Methology and marketing analysis techniques to the optimal strategic positioning of a website on engines and search directories for phrases or keywords given. For efficient and long-lasting results, it is imperative that referencing be carried out by a professional.

Why refer my website?

Search engines contain billions of web pages. The Google index, by itself , lists 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) of unique URLs (source: the Official Google Blog ). Your site is therefore comparable to a drop of water in the ocean!

Anim’O Design offers natural SEO packages at a competitive price to ensure the visibility and positioning of your website.

Get out of the shadows, be visible on the Web!
SEO is the only effective and cost effective way to publicize your website on a large scale. It allows your website to be seen and found by the users following a keyword search executed on a search tool such as: GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc.

The SEO is a marketing communication strategy which aims to increase the visibility, the popularity and traffic to your website.

My site is online but people can not find it on Google. Why ?
It is important to know that owning a website is not enough to gain visibility on search engines like Google. By default, a website has virtually zero visibility since it is not registered and recognized by any search engine.

So that your potential customers can find your website or even know the existence of your animal products and services, it is imperative that your website is initially optimized in terms of its content and structure and, subsequently, manually entered on the various search engines.

What are your SEO services?

With many years of experience in the field of web design and natural referencing of websites, the Anim’O Design team offers you different professional SEO packages tailored to your needs and your target market for the purpose To ensure optimum visibility to your website.

Is the cost of SEO included in the design of the site?

No, unfortunately the design and promotion of a website constitutes two distinct services.

In order to guarantee visibility to all the sites entrusted to us, Anim’O Design includes, in all its Turnkey Web Packages , a basic optimization and indexing on the main search engines: GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN and DMOZ .

For an in- depth analysis and technical optimization guaranteeing optimal visibility of your site, we invite you to subscribe to our referencing services.

Do not let your competitors take the lead!
Let us know your SEO today!

Can I get my site realized now and reference it later?

Yes, absolutely. You can consider the realization of your site and decide in a second time to promote it on search engines. But know that the sooner the better if you want your site to be found by your customers.

Can you guarantee me the first position on Google?

There is no one who can honestly assure you a top spot on Google!
If so, beware …

You should know that SEO is not an exact science. There is, so to speak, no miracle recipe or ready-made procedure. All websites with unique architecture and content, keep in mind that everything depends on the skill and know-how of the person who has the mandate to run the SEO work of your website! It will therefore be said that all serious companies that work in SEO possess their own expertise, knowledge and techniques acquired over time through hard work. For’ Avoiding pseudo-connoisseurs on the subject that could cause you to lose time and money, so it is prudent to ask questions and check some results obtained by the company before subscribing to its SEO services.

You are probably wondering why is it so complicated to position a website on Google’s first position on a given keyword? There are several reasons … The first and simple reason is that Google does not belong to any referrer and that he is the only master on board and decision maker with regard to the ranking of Internet sites. Google, like all search engines, is governed by very complex and powerful mathematical algorithms to determine the relevance of a site on a keyword. For the most astute and ingenious,

Our SEO services:
The team Anim’O Design makes every effort to promote a listing of quality to your website. Our SEO services are customized and tailored to your objectives and your target market.

Our SEO services are ethical. We use reliable and efficient techniques that have so far been very successful for our customers. We do not use any techniques disapproved by the search engines that can cause a permanent ban of your site on the search engines.

In order to promote optimal and lasting results in the positioning of your site , we guarantee you a fully manual and progressive natural referencing.

Our engagement :
We are totally transparent and honest with our customers, we never make false promises.

Despite the many parameters, factors and variables of search engines that are completely independent of our control and our goodwill, we guarantee you a careful and methodical work, a natural referencing of quality.

Based on our empirical experience , our understanding of the criteria of relevance of the main search engines , our analytical faculty , our rigorous methodology , our meticulousness , we will implement an effective optimization plan in order that your website can benefit of

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Need informations ?

I would like to get a website. What are the stages of implementation?I would like to get a website. What are the stages of implementation?
Before proceeding with the technical development of your website, it is essential to gather your ideas, plan and structure your web project to determine what you really want.

Keep in mind that the better organized your web project , the easier it will be for us to orchestrate every step of the creation and development of your website and create a site that meets all your requirements .

Steps to realize your Web project

Reflection / Analysis of your needsTo help you plan your web project, do not hesitate to consult our section ” How to start your site ? ”

Assess your needs and objectives  What is the purpose of your site? Who is your website targeted for? How often will it be updated?

Determine the structure of your website  Determine the main sections and sub-sections of your website.
What is the content of your website?  Write all your texts and translate if necessary.

Tell us about your web project …  Help us to respond effectively to your needs … Share your project with as much information as possible.
For an estimate (precise cost estimate):
Ask for a free estimate now / Complete the online estimate formAND
Send us all the content (texts and photos) of your website by e-mail .  We will take the time to carefully evaluate your needs and send you a detailed quote as soon as possible.

Creation of the graphic charter of your websiteUpon approval of the quotation, our team will be happy to put all its know-how and technical skills at your service. We will begin the mandate by creating all the graphic elements of your website. A template will be presented to you within 10 working days. A first deposit is required before the work begins.

Layout / integration of your contentOnce all the graphic elements are in place, your texts and photos will be integrated and ergonomically arranged on your website.

FTP Upload / UploadWhen your site is fully completed, an invoice will be sent to you. Upon receipt of the balance of payment, your site will be put online.

Search Engine OptimizationTo ensure the visibility of your website, our team will do a basic optimization of your pages and a manual registration of your website on the main search engines: Google, Yahoo, DMOZ and MSN.

What do you need to create my website?
Before starting work on your future website, it is necessary to get all your corrected texts (the final version) in .doc format and photos (in .jpg format) by e-mail.

How long does it take to make a website?
Anim’O Design makes every effort to realize your website as soon as possible. In general, you can count a delay of 2 to 6 weeks .
Each project is unique , it depends of course on the specific needs of your company. A few days are often enough to incorporate content into your website, but know that the more prepared and ready you are, the easier and faster it will be for us to develop your website.
There are a few factors that can affect how quickly your website runs: the size of the website (number of pages), the complexity of the work to be done,

Why choose our web services?
Anim’O Design has a solid expertise for several years in design, web design and natural referencing of animal websites .
We offer turnkey solutions in tune with the specific needs of breeders and other animal workers at very competitive prices on the market .

Have no hassle, the team of Anim’O Design takes care of all the important steps of the realization of your Web project

In order to facilitate your web presence, all of our web packages include:
The creation of a unique and customized graphic model based on your breeding or animal products and services;
The integration and layout of your content: texts and photos; Unlimited hyperlinks;

How can I see the development of my website?
Anim’O Design offers you the possibility to follow all the important stages of the realization of your Web project from the beginning to the end: from the creation to the official publication of your Internet site.
In order for you to be able to measure the progress of the layout work on your website, it will be temporarily hosted at a private Internet address. This procedure will allow you to consult your site at any time and to indicate the modifications that you want to bring to him as the mandate progresses.

Does Anim’O Design offer update services?
Yes of course! Anim’O Design offers services Maintenance and updates websites with very attractive rates . We offer this service no matter who designed it. Our specialty is the maintenance of static HTML sites .An effective site is an updated and evolving site …Whether it is to update certain information and photos on your site or to add new features, we will be present at your side to evolve your site according to your needs and desires.
Anim’O Design makes available to you banks of prepaid hours that you can select according to the frequency of your updates and to use at your convenience.
This is a simple , economical and flexible solution !
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between the services offered by Anim’O Design?
Anim’O Design distinguishes itself above all by its professional service , its personalized approach , its know-how , its very competitive prices and the quality of its pre- and post-sales follow -up.
When you benefit from our services, you can always count on our full availability to offer you support and answer all your questions before, during and after the project because the Anim’O Design team is listening to your needs.
We place high priority on customer satisfaction.

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Our team of experts will walk you through each step of the creation of your website. No matter the size of your web project, please let us know by filling out the form below. It will be our pleasure to carefully evaluate your needs and to send you a submission as soon as possible.

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Formulaire the contact

If you have any questions about our web design services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information as soon as possible.


Our Mission Our Approach

We take the time to listen to you and carefully analyze your needs in order to offer you web solutions that can meet all your requirements.
ANIM’O DESIGN – Creation of custom websites – Specializing in web design , creation , design , development and referencing of animal websites.
ANIM’O DESIGN has acquired a solid expertise of nearly 10 years in the creation of animal sites. We offer web-based solutions to breeders, self-employed workers and small and medium-sized businesses in the animal world, who want to benefit from an affordable, professional Web-based display.

With nearly 10 years of experience in web design, Anim'O Design offers Internet and e-commerce solutions for all animal companies in Quebec and France

We are at your disposal and prefer a personalized approach, Be able to properly target your specific needs and effectively meet all your requirements. Whatever your web project, you can trust the ANIM’O DESIGN team to design web-based, high-performance communication tools that will showcase your animal products and services in an original and distinctive way.
Based on our many years of experience, ANIM’O DESIGN has built its know-how and reputation on the basis of hard work and a professional, personalized, attentive and courteous service.

Our Web solutions are fully tailored . We create and personalizeyour website in your image. While giving care to the graphic and technical realization of your project, we give priority to your points of view, your tastes and your ideas .We are proud to offer you professional web services with excellent value for money.We make every effort to offer you an exceptional servicethat meets all your expectations and requirements.

We respect the deadlines of your project. We are distinguished by our efficiency and speed of execution .We are at your disposal at all times, before, during andafter your Web project is put online, to answer your questions and guide you properly in your Web project.Our understanding of the needs of animal professionals, without forgetting our insatiable creativity and passion for the animal world, is a guarantee of the quality of all our achievements.We do not hesitate to offer privileges to our customers to thank them for their trust and loyalty!

Since our inception, our mission has always remained the same: to give the best of ourselves to guarantee the quality of our Web services and the full satisfaction of our customers . Every day, we work with passion and ambition to succeed in your projects and surpass your expectations. Our will is to share our expertise and build a lasting relationship of trust with each of our customers. In a spirit of respect, courtesy and listening, we take the time to properly evaluate your needs and to understand your specific requests in order to offer you effective web solutions in line with your objectives and your budget.

Whether you are an expert or a novice in computer science, Do not worry! We offer turnkey web packages to make your web presence easier. We are present at your side throughout the project to guide you in the process of creating your website.

We offer websites:   Breeding Clubs _ Animal Associations Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics Canine and feline grooming salon Dog and cat house and board Canine educators (canine trainer, canine trainer, dog handler) Specialists in animal behavior Holistic animal care Zootherapy services Canine Center Equestrian center (riding school) Canine Agility Club (Canine Sports Center) Home Pet Services Pet shops and pet shops Online shops: sale of food and accessories for pets Photographers _ Animal Artists Funeral Services for Animals And more!

Testimonials from our customers / What they said …
“I would like to thank the A NIMO DESIGN team for the design of my site and the excellent work that has been done. I am very proud and satisfied with the work accomplished. I want to emphasize also the professionalism of this team, they are super dynamic and at the risk of repeating myself really professional! I wish you a long and beautiful career in your company!
A big thank you for your patience with my miles and a whim.
This team has a golden service! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with people like them! I highly recommend them, they listen to our needs and tastes and respect the choice of our ideas.

Thank you! A thousand times more! »
Manon Tremblay, The Exotic Plume
I would like to thank you very much for your work for Passion-Yorkie and Bichons Snowbelle. You have delivered these 2 mandates professionally and in a very appreciated time.
Now seen by all, my company can only be at its best.
Thank you for considering my ideas and my priorities in these 2 projects.

Anim’O Design

ANIM’O DESIGN offers you complete turnkey Web solutions at very competitive rates . In order to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible, we take care of all the important steps of the creation and the development of your website from the design of the visual elements of your site to its posting on the Web.

Have no hassle, the team of Anim’O Design takes care of all the important steps of the realization of your Web project
Expert in showcase sites ANIM’O DESIGN specializes in the creation of ” showcase sites “, that is to say, static HTML websites whose objective is to present your company and the products and services offered on a global basis.

These types of sites have only one aim: to increase the visibility and to make the company more known on the Web . A showcase site contains little or no dynamic functionality (data management).

Whether you need an informational website to present your business or an e-commerce site (with secure payment by PayPal) to sell your pet products online, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Along with the traditional “phone book” SEO allows your potential customers to easily find your business (even without knowing his name)
and your services simply following a request by keywords they have done On one of the powerful search engines .

The technical quality of our website
All our websites are built using the latest Web technologies, according to W3C standards and are compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Ergonomics is a key element in our development of your website. We make sure that the navigation of your site is intuitive for your visitors and friendly for the search engines.

Follow the development
of your website in real time
In order to offer you the best possible follow-up throughout the mandate, ANIM’O DESIGN offers you the possibility to stay informed of the progress of the layout work of your website until it is completely finished and ready To be put online.

Upon viewing and approval of the template, your website will be temporarily hosted at a private Internet address so that you can view it at all times in the comfort of your home.

Why SEO?
SEO is the most effective and cost-effective way in the medium term to generate maximum targeted traffic to
your website!

To be able to benefit from the many benefits of your web presence and to enable your target customers to find you, you should know that it is essential to optimize the structure and content of your website and submit manually The latter on search engines and directories to ensure its visibility.

Advantages of SEO
Setting up an SEO strategy allows you to:
Gain greater visibility on search engines to better publicize your business on a large scale

Increase your company’s reputation and credibility
Generating targeted contacts
Maximize traffic generated on your website

Promote your pet products and services at lower cost
Increase your sales
Dismantle your company from the competition


We are happy to assist you with the creation and development of your Pet Website

Anim’O Design has strong expertise of many years on building Custom Pet Website Design for Breeders and Animal/Pet Related Businesses We are proud to offer you High Quality Web services at very competitive prices.With our many years of experience, Anim’O Design has built its reputation based on hard and conscientious work, honesty and integrity and exceptional customer service We attach the highest priority to the graphic design quality of all websites that we built.

We distinguish ourselves by listening to our clients, by being responsive to their needs, ideas, interests and wishes. We customize websites to fit all their special business needs.Our understanding of specific goals and needs of Breeders & Pet industry Professionals, plus our creativity and our insatiable passion for the Pet & Animals world guarantee the quality of all our Web achievements.

Because our customers are valuable to us and deserve the best…
Our team is entirely at your disposal to provide you with superior service at all times. You can count on our highly experienced team to support you every step of the way.We spare no effort to offer you high-quality websites with best customer service!Professional, Effective, Attractive and Affordable Designs
We built your Pet Website to meet your unique business objectives. We Exceed Your Expectations.

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