ANIM’O DESIGN offers you complete turnkey Web solutions at very competitive rates . In order to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible, we take care of all the important steps of the creation and the development of your website from the design of the visual elements of your site to its posting on the Web.

Have no hassle, the team of Anim’O Design takes care of all the important steps of the realization of your Web project Expert in showcase sites ANIM’O DESIGN specializes in the creation of ” showcase sites “, that is to say, static HTML websites whose objective is to present your company and the products and services offered on a global basis.

These types of sites have only one aim: to increase the visibility and to make the company more known on the Web . A showcase site contains little or no dynamic functionality (data management).

Whether you need an informational website to present your business or an e-commerce site (with secure payment by PayPal) to sell your pet products online, please do not hesitate to contact us. Along with the traditional “phone book” SEO allows your potential customers to easily find your business (even without knowing his name) and your services simply following a request by keywords they have done On one of the powerful search engines .

The technical quality of our website All our websites are built using the latest Web technologies, according to W3C standards and are compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Ergonomics is a key element in our development of your website. We make sure that the navigation of your site is intuitive for your visitors and friendly for the search engines.

Follow the development of your website in real time

In order to offer you the best possible follow-up throughout the mandate, ANIM’O DESIGN offers you the possibility to stay informed of the progress of the layout work of your website until it is completely finished and ready To be put online.

Upon viewing and approval of the template, your website will be temporarily hosted at a private Internet address so that you can view it at all times in the comfort of your home.

Why SEO?

SEO is the most effective and cost-effective way in the medium term to generate maximum targeted traffic to
your website!

To be able to benefit from the many benefits of your web presence and to enable your target customers to find you, you should know that it is essential to optimize the structure and content of your website and submit manually The latter on search engines and directories to ensure its visibility.

Advantages of SEO

Setting up an SEO strategy allows you to: Gain greater visibility on search engines to better publicize your business on a large scale

Increase your company’s reputation and credibility Generating targeted contacts Maximize traffic generated on your website

Promote your pet products and services at lower cost Increase your sales Dismantle your company from the competition

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