What is SEO?

The SEO is a communication strategy complex that is to implement a rigorous Methology and marketing analysis techniques to the optimal strategic positioning of a website on engines and search directories for phrases or keywords given. For efficient and long-lasting results, it is imperative that referencing be carried out by a professional.

Why refer my website?

Search engines contain billions of web pages. The Google index, by itself , lists 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) of unique URLs (source: the Official Google Blog ). Your site is therefore comparable to a drop of water in the ocean!

Anim’O Design offers natural SEO packages at a competitive price to ensure the visibility and positioning of your website.

Get out of the shadows, be visible on the Web!
SEO is the only effective and cost effective way to publicize your website on a large scale. It allows your website to be seen and found by the users following a keyword search executed on a search tool such as: GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc.

The SEO is a marketing communication strategy which aims to increase the visibility, the popularity and traffic to your website.

My site is online but people can not find it on Google. Why ?
It is important to know that owning a website is not enough to gain visibility on search engines like Google. By default, a website has virtually zero visibility since it is not registered and recognized by any search engine.

So that your potential customers can find your website or even know the existence of your animal products and services, it is imperative that your website is initially optimized in terms of its content and structure and, subsequently, manually entered on the various search engines.

What are your SEO services?

With many years of experience in the field of web design and natural referencing of websites, the Anim’O Design team offers you different professional SEO packages tailored to your needs and your target market for the purpose To ensure optimum visibility to your website.

Is the cost of SEO included in the design of the site?

No, unfortunately the design and promotion of a website constitutes two distinct services.

In order to guarantee visibility to all the sites entrusted to us, Anim’O Design includes, in all its Turnkey Web Packages , a basic optimization and indexing on the main search engines: GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN and DMOZ .

For an in- depth analysis and technical optimization guaranteeing optimal visibility of your site, we invite you to subscribe to our referencing services.

Do not let your competitors take the lead!
Let us know your SEO today!

Can I get my site realized now and reference it later?

Yes, absolutely. You can consider the realization of your site and decide in a second time to promote it on search engines. But know that the sooner the better if you want your site to be found by your customers.

Can you guarantee me the first position on Google?

There is no one who can honestly assure you a top spot on Google!
If so, beware …

You should know that SEO is not an exact science. There is, so to speak, no miracle recipe or ready-made procedure. All websites with unique architecture and content, keep in mind that everything depends on the skill and know-how of the person who has the mandate to run the SEO work of your website! It will therefore be said that all serious companies that work in SEO possess their own expertise, knowledge and techniques acquired over time through hard work. For’ Avoiding pseudo-connoisseurs on the subject that could cause you to lose time and money, so it is prudent to ask questions and check some results obtained by the company before subscribing to its SEO services.

You are probably wondering why is it so complicated to position a website on Google’s first position on a given keyword? There are several reasons … The first and simple reason is that Google does not belong to any referrer and that he is the only master on board and decision maker with regard to the ranking of Internet sites. Google, like all search engines, is governed by very complex and powerful mathematical algorithms to determine the relevance of a site on a keyword. For the most astute and ingenious,

Our SEO services:

The team Anim’O Design makes every effort to promote a listing of quality to your website. Our SEO services are customized and tailored to your objectives and your target market.

Our SEO services are ethical. We use reliable and efficient techniques that have so far been very successful for our customers. We do not use any techniques disapproved by the search engines that can cause a permanent ban of your site on the search engines.

In order to promote optimal and lasting results in the positioning of your site , we guarantee you a fully manual and progressive natural referencing.

Our engagement :

We are totally transparent and honest with our customers, we never make false promises.

Despite the many parameters, factors and variables of search engines that are completely independent of our control and our goodwill, we guarantee you a careful and methodical work, a natural referencing of quality.

Based on our empirical experience , our understanding of the criteria of relevance of the main search engines , our analytical faculty , our rigorous methodology , our meticulousness , we will implement an effective optimization plan in order that your website.

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